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Musings for the morning after…


So we have a new President-elect.  We’ve all anticipated the outcome of the elections and now we have an answer.   I have enjoyed reading my Facebook friends’ responses to the election.  Some people are very happy, some very disturbed.  I for one am proud that America has elected an African-American to the Presidency.  That is a historic event no matter who you are. 

My friends’ comments are troubling on both ends of the spectrum.  I see many Obama supporters that seem to be caught up in Obama worship to the point that they may have forgotten he’s a man, fallible, imperfect, partial, subjective, just like the rest of us.  To those I would say, “He may be a good man, but he’s only a man.”  And then I see some on the other end of the spectrum with comments about moving to Canada, or wishing that America hadn’t just “voted in a socialist.”  These friends seem to have forgotten that America is still a great country, as if when their candidate didn’t win they lost sight of the fact that we still live in a free society where we actually can vote, most of us are extremely blessed and live better than royalty in ages past (i.e. running water, cell phones, food whenever we want, automobiles, and toothbrushes), and that the sun did actually rise this morning.  To those friends I would say:  “Open your eyes, it’s not the end of the world!”

I like what I read from InternetMonk about a Christian’s responsibility concerning elections:
  “Pray. Vote. Then pray again. Then go live like a disciple.”

As Christians, if we get lost in victory chants or pity parties (and I know different Christians participating in both) we have missed the point.  The point is that if we believe our hope is in Jesus, then our attitudes and actions will show that our hope is in Jesus… that’s it.  that’s the point. 

I don’t mean to be Stoic.  Have your emotions.  Express them.  Deal with them.  But at the beginning and end of the day, live like a disciple.  Live like a disciple.