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prophetic nostalgia

Just read this in my Kenya journal from exactly one year ago.  Wow.

As I stepped out onto the balcony where I have quiet time every morning, the crisp air reminded me of San Diego mornings.  I remember opening shifts at Starbucks, waking up @ 3:30 for work @ 4:15… by 5:30 I had my first break, and could watch the sun rise over the mountains east of Poway from the black metal tables and chairs in front of our store.  Then I remembered cool mornings downtown.

I envisioned myself sitting down with a cup of coffee and the newspaper, although I never read newspapers, in the patio area outside Java Jones.  Cool air on my neck, sun stretching through the crevices in between skyscrapers, cars gently waking up the road… a Saturday morning. “

Kind of weird that one year later, I work at Java Jones and watch the sunrise every opening shift.