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A semi-full plate

Two weeks ago, I didn’t have much on my plate beside looking for a job.  What a difference two weeks can make.

So, I moved.  Started a job @ Java Jones, which is going quite well.  But I also added a few more things to the mix.

A couple of weeks ago I started practicing with an eclectic folk/jazz band.  The groove is pretty tight, and my first gig with the new band is this weekend!  Stoked about that.

Also, I began volunteering with a San Diego-based non-profit called AWARE Recycling.  The idea behind AWARE is to set up a consistent stream of income to support other non-profits like Invisible Children, the ONE Campaign, BLOOD: Water Mission, and others.  AWARE picks up the recycling from clubs and businesses in San Diego.  In exchange for the CRV, the businesses get a tax write-off.  It’s the brainchild of some of my best friends, Vince and Nancy, along with an awesome dude named Chad.  You should definitely check it out.

The work is dirty and late.  So far, I’ve only done two midnight runs, which involve visiting the businesses with which we have contracts and picking up their glass bottles and other recyclables.  There are a bunch of broken bottles and a lot of foul smells in dark alleys.  But so far, it’s really cool being part of something so real.

That’s the update.  Anyway, my plate is quickly filling up. . . but I’m still trying to keep afloat on the whole reading-a-book-a-week thing.



A quick update!

With the new job, the 4o-minute bike commute, and no internet access at my place of residence. . . the book reviews are coming out a bit slower than expected.

I am currently sitting on the review for Chazown, waiting for the day that I’ll have enough time and internet access to post.

The next book I’m reading is called, “Surprised by the Voice of God”. . . so I’ll surprise you with that book review when I’m thru.

May you realize today how much God has already blessed us!