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Alright, a quick update on the Kenya status!

I’ve been officially “committed” to the trip by AIM, which basically means that as long as I raise the $5000 for the trip I will be assured a spot on the missions trip to Kenya!

I will continue posting updates here, and I also will be posting to our Team Blog Page here .

Coming up, I’ll let all of you who are interested know how to financially contribute to my trip online. Thanks for your continued prayers!


what I’ve really been doing the last year

You guys may be familiar with the rumor that I moved to San Diego last August to become a Student Pastor, but I’m here to confess the truth.  I really joined a Swedish dance band and have had the time of my life for the past 16 months!


This is my band, the tommy elfs.  That’s me, second from the left.  I want to take this post to show you some of the greatest people I know.  Great friens I’ve met over the last year… our brother bands.

Hopefully I can continue this wonderful lifestyle of endless Swedish tours, after-parties in Paris, and amazing polka.  Look for the Tommy Elfs in an Elks Lodge near you this Winter.


So the company I work for, Genoptix, has experienced extreme growth over the last five years.  We’ve been profitable since sometime in 2007, and have achieved 17 consecutive quarters of growth in both case volumes and revenues.  Over the last 5 years, our growth rate was over 28,000 %.  You read it right, 28,000%.  The company has actually been listed as the #9 fastest growing in the nation among technology-based categories.  Our management team is ringing the bell at the NYSE this Friday morning.  After the 3rd Quarter numbers were released last week, our stock price jumped over $6 in one day. 

I guess it kind of sounds like I’m bragging, as if I had something to do with all this success.  But, no, I’m not bragging.  And no, I’m just a Lab Assistant, not a department head.  But it does make me proud to be working for a great company.  Just last week I had to share with my boss that I would be leaving for Kenya for the better part of 4 months.  I’ve been here 5 months.  We were having my performance review, and my boss had convinced the management team that I was a valuable employee.  They offered me a promotion and a pay raise.  It was upon finding this out that I had to break the news that I would be gone before the pay raise went into effect.  Ouch.

As my boss was telling me about the promotion, I was thinking, “God, are you sure you want me to go to Kenya?”

I really feel like the missions trip to Kenya is something I’m supposed to do, so I’m doing it.  And I’m just trusting that God will provide now and on the flip-side.  That’s what’s going down.

the Tenderloin

While in San Francisco, I did something I’ve wanted to do for some time now: stay in a hostel.  There were five of us from San Diego, and there were 5 beds in the room, so our group had the room to ourselves.


That’s me in front of my bed that I ‘called’ in school-boy fashion as soon as we entered the room.  “I got window bed.”  Yes, I’m an idiot.

Anyway, the view was great.  You could stick your head out the window (no screen) and look up and down Ellis St., and even see the other people in Hotel Essex across the way.  My hostel experience was great, and I think I’ll keep stayin in hostels as often as I travel, but the interesting twist about our experience was the neighborhood.

We were in the Tenderloin, and boy was it tender.  I’m not sure what I meant by that, but it was a rough neighborhood.  I saw all sorts of brokenness, destruction from the fall… walking the streets just hurt sometimes.  Massage parlors where workers are often victims of human trafficking, strip clubs across the street from children’s parks, more homeless people than I’ve ever seen in San Diego, guys lighting crack pipes on the side walk, drug deals at the bus stops, transgender prostitution, and so on.  And all this merely blocks away from Pacific Heights, where houses can sell for over $100 million.  Think about it.  Like I said, it hurt.

Seeing different sides of San Francisco reminded me that there is mission work to be done here.  Not just over seas.  I am a missionary.  On a mission here.  In a few months to Kenya, but for now, here.  And I want to do what I can to distribute God’s love on whoever I come into contact with. 

I will say it was really encouraging to see YWAM ‘s building in the middle of the Tenderloin.  This is a great group of followers that reach out in great ways to share the hope we have in Christ. 

I don’t have an answer for the pain I saw in the Tenderloin, but at least I’m aware of it now.  This is the stuff you see in movies and hear of in books, but last weekend it became real and unavoidable. . . in front of my face.  And now I can actually pray, think, and put energy towards being part of the solution. 

peace on Earth-

Musings for the morning after…


So we have a new President-elect.  We’ve all anticipated the outcome of the elections and now we have an answer.   I have enjoyed reading my Facebook friends’ responses to the election.  Some people are very happy, some very disturbed.  I for one am proud that America has elected an African-American to the Presidency.  That is a historic event no matter who you are. 

My friends’ comments are troubling on both ends of the spectrum.  I see many Obama supporters that seem to be caught up in Obama worship to the point that they may have forgotten he’s a man, fallible, imperfect, partial, subjective, just like the rest of us.  To those I would say, “He may be a good man, but he’s only a man.”  And then I see some on the other end of the spectrum with comments about moving to Canada, or wishing that America hadn’t just “voted in a socialist.”  These friends seem to have forgotten that America is still a great country, as if when their candidate didn’t win they lost sight of the fact that we still live in a free society where we actually can vote, most of us are extremely blessed and live better than royalty in ages past (i.e. running water, cell phones, food whenever we want, automobiles, and toothbrushes), and that the sun did actually rise this morning.  To those friends I would say:  “Open your eyes, it’s not the end of the world!”

I like what I read from InternetMonk about a Christian’s responsibility concerning elections:
  “Pray. Vote. Then pray again. Then go live like a disciple.”

As Christians, if we get lost in victory chants or pity parties (and I know different Christians participating in both) we have missed the point.  The point is that if we believe our hope is in Jesus, then our attitudes and actions will show that our hope is in Jesus… that’s it.  that’s the point. 

I don’t mean to be Stoic.  Have your emotions.  Express them.  Deal with them.  But at the beginning and end of the day, live like a disciple.  Live like a disciple.

San Francisco recap pt 1

First of all, there is too much going on in the world to blog about!  So I guess I’ll just start with some pics from my trip to San Francisco. 

The trip was awesome for several reasons, and I promise to elaborate more later.  But right now I’m at work, and incidentally I actually have work to do!  (that’s kind of a new thing for me if you’ve been following my blog at all).  Have a wonderful Tuesday and don’t forget to VOTE!

Seacrest Out.  (did I just say that?)